Frequently Asked Questions

What is our money back guarantee?

We give 100% money back guarantee to anyone who shop on our website.
You will get 100% refund when:

The price is lower than I expected, what’s the catch?

There are 2 reasons why we are able to offer low price:

  1. We do not have an offline store and we operate 100% online; and that’s how we pass on our savings on overheads (e.g. commissions for salespeople, store rental etc) to you in the form of lower prices!
  2. We work with local vendors across the world and we ship directly from our supplier, most of them are in Asia where it is cheaper to produce item, it will take longer for shipment but in turn you will get much lower price.

Do your products meet the manufacturing standards?

We strive to provide our clients with high quality goods. Thus, we make sure that all our products are safe and meet the necessary requirements.

Can I just go and buy the identical ones offline?

You’re not quite likely to find our items with all the variations offline. Moreover, if you manage to find them, the prices will certainly be higher.

What makes you different from other stores?

We believe that each of our customers should be happy with the purchase. Therefore, we do our best to provide you with premium products at the lowest prices possible.

Where are you located?

We are an e-commerce store that ships our products worldwide. Our headquarters is located in Singapore.

How are shipping costs calculated?

We offer free standard delivery on all orders, for express shipping, costs are calculated based on shipping method and product weight / volume. Different shipping companies have different rates for different destination country. please contact us directly for more details.

How to search for products?

Search for products by entering the product name or keyword into the Search Bar at the top of any page. Try to enter a general description. The more keywords you use, the less products you will get in the results page. When you find a product you’re interested in, simply click the product name or the product image for more details.


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